Can you lease a car under your parents name but have it insured on your own insurance in NYS?

Can you lease a car under your parents name but have it insured on your own insurance in NYS?No. The insurance must be in the name of the possessor or leasee of the vehicle. Be careful and do not lie on either the lease contract or the insurance application. Both of these are legal contracts.

Can the car insurance be in your parents’ name?

Yes, It can be in your parents name if you are still a minor, a dependent or are still a household resident So long as “YOU” are also a scheduled driver on the parents policy. Failure to schedule your self as a driver is a common form of Insurance Fraud. So whether the policy is in your name or your parents name, as a regular driver or with regular access you are required to be listed as a driver on the policy. I most U.S. states. A minor can buy a vehicle. However, due to the limitations of contract law where minors are worried, A parent or other legal guardian would either have to provide the auto insurance or countersign the application for the Insurance Policy to be a legally strapping contractWhether you live in the same residence as your mother or not, you bring up an significant issue when you say “we’re thinking this will be the most inexpensive way for me to drive.” Most carriers will permit your mother to carry insurance on both the vehicles, however there could be a problem if you live in a separate residence and keep the old car there. However, all carriers would require that you be listed as an insured driver, particularly if you’re the main driver of your mom’s old car. Not adding you to the policy, and then admitting that you thought it would be the most inexpensive way to drive, is essentially material misrepresentation. Your mother pays for herself as a driver, but her rates wouldn’t have you factored in. Most insurance carriers would promptly deny coverage in such a script if you were to have an accident. Of course, most people wouldn’t admit that they were just attempting to save money, which of course is insurance fraud (difficult to prove, but a mess when it is). So, have your mom add you to her policy. Her rates may go up, but in the end, it very likely is cheaper than you buying your own policy. It would be best for her to maintain ownership of her old car, as well, to avoid confusion about what a covered vehicle is. Insurance companies now use the term “household”. As long as the child (married or unmarried of driving age) lives in the same house as the parent, he or she is considered a household member, therefore needing to be in the policy. The only way to exclude a household member (of driving age) from an auto policy would be for the following reasons: 1. That person has his/her own insurance policy. Two. Never been licensedInsurance companies usually deny excluding a spouse from a policy, unless a divorce decree has been issued. ClarificationIt should be pointed out that in some jurisdictions the possessor’s name on the car registration must match the name on the insurance policy. If the car is in your name then your name should show up on the policy to avoid registration problems. The “insured” (name of the possessor on the policy) must have an insurable interest in the property.

If you are 17 and live with a friend can you be under your own insurance policy instead of your parents?


If you are a minor in need of car insurance do you have to be under a parent or guardian’s insurance plan to drive?

As long as you hold a valid drivers license, you usually can obtain motor vehicle insurance as long as meet the insurance companies underwriting requirements, such as no tickes, no accidents, no suspensions, and do not ow any insurance company money. If you are youthfull, usually the premium is high. The idea behind letting a minor come in in to a insurance contract is one of the few contracts a minor can inject in. Because if you have a license to drive, you need insurance.

If a child drives his parents car which is insured under the parent’s name will he be covered?

You will have to add him to your insurance. He will be under your name and your premium will go up! if you don’t do this the insurance company may look the the DMV to see how many licenses are registered under your home address, then they will call and ask if he is insured. so it’s better to just go and tell them to add him to your policy.

If a minor buys a car with the title registration and insurance all under their name to what extent are the parents still financially liable?

what state permits a minor to title a vehicle? i didn’t know you could do that as a minor inject any contract……..but if so logic would go after that you wouldn’t be held responsible, but i would check that with an attorney, could be a lot of ‘if’s’ in that..child is still a minor……….and therefore in many cases under their parents responsibity……..

Can you insure a car that is financed under someone else’s name?

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Probably, some companies only require that you have care custody and control of the vehicle in order to be the named insured. Other companies require that you be the registered proprietor. The problem that arises is that the finance company usually wants to have the evidence of insurance be in the name of the person responsible for the loan. If you are the named insured but not the name on the loan then the loan company may require that the person on the loan also be on the insurance policy as a named insured. The best way to do this is to have the person that wields the car get the insurance and list you the driver as the principle operator.

If you am driving a car that is wielded by someone else can you get insurance on it in your name?

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Sometimes it depends on the State laws. You cannot in the State of Montana because you do not have an “insurable interest” in the vehicle.

If you have your licence but your car is insured under your parents name not yours can you still drive it?

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Yes, you can still drive it as long as you have your license.

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How do you insure a car that you do not own?

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Most insurance companies require that you have an insurable interest in order to be able to insure something such as a car..
Somecompanies require that your name show up on the title or registration in order to be able to purchase an auto policy in your name.

Can you insure and register a car under your name even if the title is under a parents name if the parent on the title is not a driver?

Yes most insurance company never ask for the title. there are Insurance company’s on the web that will insure you and the vehicle weather you own it or not.

Can a fresh driver without a car drive their parents’ car under the parents’ insurance?

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Yes, but the parents have to add the fresh driver to their policy.

Can you insure a car whose title is under your parents name and then switch the name on the insurance to yours if they transfer the title to you?

Most likely a state law issue. We have one car where the insurance is ion my wifey’s name and the car is in my name and nobody ever said anything. I would guess that in some states you can insure the car in your name and have it registered in your parents name but why? Just switch both at the same time and avoid a problem later. DMV and insurance regulations are truly nasty in some states (like NYS) and they can suspend your license and you never even know it..
Look on your states DMV site and call you insurance agent.

Can you lease a car under your parents name but have it insured on your own insurance in NYS?

If you finance a car for someone can they insure it in their own name?

Yes of course, they are required to insure it in their name if they are buying the vehicle by financed note. The buyer is the fresh proprietor of the vehicle. All drivers are required to maintain financial Responsibility when operating a vehicle on public roads. The financiers interest is typically covered also by requiring the buyer list them as a lienholder on the policy. This requirement is generally built into the finance agreement There are also separate business insurance product lines that will cover a lienholders interest in a financed vehicle. The financier attempting to insure the vehicle on a standard individual auto policy is an attempt to circumvent the insurance laws and constitutes insurance fraud by failing to disclose the true nature of the the risk to the insurer. Under finance law, the buyer is the legal possessor of the vehicle even theough the note is not paid off with certain encumbrances denoted in the finance agreement. The financier is a lienholder in due course until such time as the finance note has been sated.

Can you get your own car insurance at 16?

Yes you sure can, if you have an adult that can sign the contract with you. You have to be Legitimate to sign a contract. If you are old enough to drive you are old enough to buy car insurance. Keep in mind at your age it’s going to cost you more. Insurance companies associate enhanced liabilities for youthful drivers.

Can you put the car insurance under the cosigners name only?

The insurance should be under the name of the person to whom thecar is titled and registered. Also, if the person who legally ownsthe car is not the person who will be the main driver of the car,the person who will be the driver on the car should be added to thepolicy.

Can I purchase insurance for a car that i do not own?

Well, you may indeed, but you are in responsibility! Whatever happens to the car, you will have to face the consequence!

Can you drive a car that has insurance but not under your name?

If you’re liscensed, and have permission from the person under which the car is insured, you are able to drive the car if it is insured even if you yourself are not insured

Can you get car insurance for a car you do not own?

Yes. … and no… the person that wields the car actually has to be the polcy holder. But you can be a listed driver and the one who pays it and get practice for having insurance. the proprietor of the car doesnt even have to be a driver. But because she/he wields the vehicle they have an insurance interest in the car and must own the policy.

Do I have to have insurance if I don’t own a car?

Sometimes. Normally you would not need auto insurance if you do not own a vehicle. In some cases a person is required to have insurance in order to keep their drivers license due to past violations of driving without insurance or such. In this case you can purchase what is called a non-owner auto policy. This completes the requirement to keep your license and gives you some auto coverage if you drive someone else’s vehicle. You can only purchase liability and uninsured motorists coverage as well as a few other endorsements but cannot purchase insurance to cover harm to the vehicle you are driving.

Is a non licensed child that drives parents car covered under parents insurance?

No, the unlicensed child is not covered under the parents policy unless that child is a scheduled driver on the parents policy..
It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle on public roads with out a drivers license. Most parents already know that..
It is also illegal to operate that vehicle on public roads without proof of financial responsibility..
Fortunately the Parents are insured for acts of negligence in permitting the unlicensed child to illegally operate the vehicle..
So basically the child is not a covered driver. Now the Insurance company will most likely pay a claim or loss if the unlicensed uninsured child has an accident. The claim would be paid not because the child was covered but rather the Insurer would be paying a negligence claim against the covered parents.

Can you get insurance on a car you don’t own?

Yes. It is generically referred to an non-owners coverage. It provides liability protection for you when driving a car that you do not own.

If your beau and you each own a car under your respective names can you both be insured under one policy?

Not too sure… Admiral MultiCar? or similar? Both might need to have the same registered keeper.

Are you insured to drive a car that is not your own under your own car insurance?

Only if this is specifically stated on your certificate, you are authorised by the vehicle holder, and generally is limited to third party cover only.

Can your parents have their assets seized if you get into a car accident that costs more than the limit under your own insurance at age Nineteen?

Regardless of who was driving, if the vehicle was registered in their name, yes, it is possible. Other than that, you are legally an adult and are a separate legal person from them.

Can you receive an uninsured ticket in NY for driving a friend’s out of state car from NC that is insured under his name but doesn’t have me listed as a driver?

No, you should be covered by his insurance. His insurance works out of state, that means it works with you as well. Fight the ticket, you will win.

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Can you lease a car under your parents name but have it insured on your own insurance in NYS?

Is it possible to have a car in your name and have it under your parents insurance plan with you as a driver with out the car being wielded by your parents?

If you are in the UK, then yes, this is fine..
A few years ago this used to work out cheaper for getting an insurance quote, but the insurance companies have caught onto this, and the quote you get will be pretty much the same as if you were to insure in your own name..
Anyone can own a car, and anyone can be insured on a car..
In my opinion, it would be best to insure it in your own name, and commence to build up a no-claims discount.

Can you get insurance on a car that isn’t under your name?

yes you can, you must know the car possessor and have their permission but you CAN be added if they insure the car, you will be a “named Driver”

Can your parents buy and insure a car in their name and add you as a driver?

Yes they can. But they have to list you as a driver in order for you to be isured.

Your son almost 20 bought his very first car Does he have to get his own car insurance which is expensive or can the parent get car insurance for him and just add him as a driver?

That truly depends on the situation. Most car insurance companies permit parents to pay for their son’s car insurance IF he is living together with his parents AND that the car is garaged with them. If his son is living independently with his own car and has his own home where he can garage his car, then he will be paying his own car insurance. Any wrecks resulting in claims or ticket points will be held against the parent’s premium if he is merely included on their policy.

If I were relocating to another state and need to get a fresh license will I need to switch the insurance to my name if all the cars are under my parents names?

Most likely you will. You need to notify your insurance company ofthe budge instantaneously so that they can switch the garaging address.Ask your agent about whether or not your company even does businessin your fresh state. If you are an adult, you need your own insurancein your name. You vehicles should also be in your name. Whether ornot your company does business in the fresh state or not, you need toget with an independent agent in the fresh state to check rates. Onecompany may be competitive in one state but not in another.

If your parents have insurance and your living with them do you have insurance on the cars?

Technically yes, the insurance goes straight to your family. But you can’t tamper with it unless you have an ID and your parent’s permission.

Ny home insurance and wielding a pitbull?

We live in Rockland County. State Farm was willing to insure us with our pitbull at no higher of a charge than we were paying before. Travelers Insurance wouldn’t insure us and another one wished to charge us over twice the rate we were paying pre-pitbull with a dog exclusion!

How can you pay your share in the car insurance directly to the insurance if your car is insured under your parents name?

Call the agent and see what payment arrangements can be made. Some companies, however, choose one payment from an entity just because of treating costs.

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How old do you have to be to have your own car insurance?

If you are old enough to legally drive then you are old enough to buy your own Auto Insurance. However due to the limitations of a minors obligations under contract law most companies will not sell you a policy as a minor. Some will sell you a policy but only if your parent or other legal guardian countersigns your application for you. Glad Motoring

Can you get your own car insurance even however the car is already insured in the owners name?

Yes, You may have more than one Auto insurance Policy on a vehicle. You can have Two or even Three policies on the same vehicle as well as an Umbrella Policy. It is not uncommon and is ideally legal to do so. What you can not do however is receive “Dual Indemnity”. That would be insurance Fraud and a felony offense in the United States. in other word you can’t seek dual payment from a covered loss or more simply, “you can’t get paid twice”. Here is the established Legal precedence on Insurance Policies of all types on all types of property in the United States. Policy 1 as PrimaryWhen a covered loss occurs and more than one policy exists insuring the same risks. The policy with the broadest scope of coverage is considered the primary Coverage and will invoke to cover it. Policy Two as PrimaryIf the loss incurred is not covered by the very first policy and is covered by a trailing policy then that policy steps up to Primary coverage for that particular loss. Policy Two as Secondary coverageIf and when the thresholds of the primary policy are reached or exceeded, the next active policy with the broadest scope of coverage will then invoke and act as Secondary coverage if coverage is afforded for the specified risk of loss. Policy Three trailingIf a third policy exists then it will do so in the same order in consideration of coverage scope and specified risks. If an Umbrella Policy also exists, and this too is common, then it too will go after the exhaustion of any and all previous coverage afforded by active Primary or Secondary or even Third Place Coverage. It is permitted, It is legal and Court precedence has been well established more than 100 years ago as to which policies will apply and in what order. What you can not do is seek “Dual Indemnity” for any covered loss. That would be illegal and a felony offense in the United States.

Can you get car insurance with out wielding a car?

No. Every insurance companies are required those applicants to have at least one car to avain a car insurance.

What is gap insurance for a leased car?

GAP coverage is very necessary especially in a lease situation. GAP coverage comes into play if a vehicle is deemed totaled. What GAP does is to pay for the difference in the actual cash value that is payable under the normal policy and the balance owed to the lease company or finance company of a loan. In the early years of a lease or loan the vehicle value falls quicker that the value of the vehicle. If you total the vehicle within this period you can find yourself without a vehicle but with a sizable amount of money due on a vehicle you cannot drive any more. GAP coverage will pay this difference. The Finance Dept of the auto dealership will attempt to sell you on this GAP insurance. Very first, no matter what they say, it is not mandatory to but it from them. Private Auto insurance companies suggest GAP insurance that does the same thing for about 10% of the premium the dealership charges you for the same coverage. You will also have a right to cancel the coverage whenever you feel the value and loan balance have equaled out. One catch is that you must purchase the GAP coverage from you insurer withing 6 months of purchasing the vehicle. As a matter of utter disclosure, I own and operate a petite Independent Insurance Company in Central Georgia and have for the past 22 years. Prior to that I worked as an agent for a direct writer of insurance for Trio years.

Can you lease a car under your parents name but have it insured on your own insurance in NYS?

Can you register and insure a car that you do not own?

You CAN register a car possessed by someone else in some states, but doing so can lead to many problems if the driver gets into trouble and you are registered to the car. Insuring a car you do not own can also lead to problems but many more people do it. (e.g., if your dad is lending you his car and he says that you have to insure it.)

Can you insure two car under your name?

Sure. There is no problem as long as you own both vehicles and list all household members and any other drivers on the application. Be very careful here, because if you do not list the drivers who drive the vehicle the insurance company can deny any claims due to material misrepresentation (lounging). You also cannot insure a vehicle that is not titled to you. If you add a vehicle to your policy that you do not own there is no coverage The amount of fraud that is occurring in these ways has coerced insurance companies to investigate claims more cautiously and deny coverage in these types of cases.

Are your children insured under your car insurance?

If your children are listed scheduled drivers on your insurance policy then they are covered. If they are not a scheduled driver then maybe they are and maybe they are not. It depends on the circumstances. For example. If your children are grown and do not live with you and only drive your vehicle on an occasion when they might come to visit you, then they would be covered under permissive use rules on a standard auto policy form. If your children are household residents then they must be scheduled on your policy to be a covered driver. The Insurance company can deny all claims from the injured parties and suggest no coverage for the vehicle being driven as well. Check your policy type. If you purchased one of the cheaper limited policies or a named driver policy, then there is no coverage for other drivers regardless of who they are or any permissions that were given. Failure to add a known driver to your policy is considered Insurance Fraud by concealment and could subject the insured to cancellation, non renewal and can void all coverage under your policy. Basically any one who has regular access to your vehicle and is not scheduled under the policy is an uninsured driver.

Can parents be sued for liability for a child on their auto insurance policy while a daughter drives her own car and is not living with parent and a title of her car is on her parent’s name?

Yes , The holder of a vehicle is just as liable for an accident as the driver. Both the driver and the Vehicle holder are both jointly and severally liable for the cost of an at fault accident. Since you say the title is in the parents name, Then the Parents are in fact the legal holder of the vehicle as far as the state is worried. The at fault driver is liable because they caused the accident, The Registered Proprietor is liable because the holder has a responsibility to ensure that all permissive use drivers have the adequate insurance coverage before permitting them to operate the vehicle. Yes, If your daughter is still aminor, the legal guardian (usually the parents) can be sued under parental liability statutes even if the vehicle is not possessed by the parents.

What can you do if you have no license to get insurance under your car?

Call an insurance company. You can insure anything if you can prove it is yours.

Can you drive a car with no insurance under your insurance?

No. your car insurance is for your vehicle, not others. They will have to have insurance else it should not be taken out on the roads.

Can you insure a person and their car on your own insurance?

No. Unless they are your legal, current spouse you cannot do it for any reason. If you do and have a claim, the insurance company cannot pay you because it’s not your car and they can’t pay the other person, because they do not have a contract with them. No one gets paid and no refunds are issued because you lied on a legal contract.

Does your name have to emerge on your husbands car insurance policy I have my own car insurance for my car?

In most states, a spouse is automatically considered a ‘2nd named insured’ whether their name is on the policy or not. But you are likely paying more for auto insurance if you each maintain a separate policy in your own name. Some insurers won’t rate you as being married unless you list your spouse, which saves up to 30% over a single driver. Also, the multi-car discount for having both cars insured together is worth up to 25% in savings.

Can you get your own insurance policy on a car that is not in your name?

Yes. You can put insurance on just about anything even if its not yours. Also that goes for life insurance as well.

Who is responsible if you borrow a car and insure it under your name but you let the insurance lapse?

Firstly, you cannot insure a vehicle that you do not own. Secondly, with the insurance lapsed there is no coverage anyway. I would expect that the other party who you hit will sue both the holder and the driver of the vehicle as both have a degree of liability.

Are you insured to drive your sons lease car?

That depends on his insurer and the policy he holds. He would need to contact his insurance company for a definitive response to this question.

Will parents find out you were driving their car without their permission through a speeding ticket I have my own car under their insurance just didn’t have permission for this particular car I’m 17?

Yes they will. It will demonstrate up on their insurance renewal declarations page down near where the drivers listing is located. It seems that you may not be listed on their insurance policy. This is against their policy and puts them into a position of lounging to their insurance company. If you have an accident while driving their car under any circumstances whatsoever their insurance company will disallow the claim for material misrepresentation. They will then be sued by other party that you hit and be ruined. You better have a conversation with them about this.

Can you own your car and register and insure it in the same persons name?

If you own the car it should be registered and insured in your nameas well as any other person in your household expected to drive thecar. You do not need to insure a vehicle that you do not own. Theinsurance must be in the name of the person who is the legal ownerof the vehicle. When you sign the insurance application you statethat you own the vehicle and have listed all drivers and householdmembers on the application. If you are not truthful on theapplication they will not and very likely cannot pay any claim.

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