Does car insurance insure the car or the person?

Does car insurance insure the car or the person?Commonly, the car, but, it can go either way.

What happens to a person at fault for a car accident with no insurance if it is not their car?

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It’s possible that the car owners insurance will cover the damages, but just as likely that it won’t. If it doesn’t, then the driver of the car will be fully responsible for any and all damages and will very likely end up being sued in court to recover the monies owed. It’s for this reason that all states require drivers to have uninsured motorist coverage on their insurance. .
In the UK three figures are likely to be responsible for paying compensation for harm and individual injury as a result of the accident: the driver of the vehicle, the proprietor of the vehicle’s insurer (if that person had skill that the other was driving his vehicle) and the Motor Insurer’s Bureau. The driver of the vehicle will also be prosecuted in criminal law for driving without valid motor vehicle insurance. For a description of motor vehicle insurance and the MIB – please see the related link.

Can you get car insurance without a car to insure?

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No. Reminisce that insurance goes after a vehicle very first, operator 2nd. So, without having a car to insure, no rate can even be detected to begin with.

Can you drive an insured car if you have no insurance?

Driving another persons insured CarIt is always best to ask the possessor loaning you the vehicle if you will be covered under his policy. If he is not sure then he should contact his Insurer and verify before you drive. It never hurts to have your own operators or non owners policy in place for extra security if your an occasional driver without a car right now. Each US state regulates it’s own insurance needs through it’s state legislature. Insurance for a loaner would depend on the type of Policy that the Vehicle possessor presently has in place as required in that state. It could also depend on the nature of the vehicle loaned or hired. If the Holder has a Limited Liability or a Named Driver Policy then no other drivers may be covered even with permissive use. If the possessor has purchased a Broad Form Auto Insurance Policy then generally permitted drivers are covered. It is a common misnomer that Auto Liability goes after a vehicle. In Fact, Auto Liability Insurance covers and goes after the named insured(s) (usually the vehicle holder) and the named insureds legal liability that may arise out vehicle ownership and operation. Most liability coverage will even go after the defined insured to a replacement vehicle, When on a standard form auto insurance policy, liability coverage is afforded even when tertiary or third party through an accident of a permitted driver. This point of concept of vicarious legal liability of a property holder and the contracted liability of the Specific Policy Form suggested by an Insurance Company is where the misunderstanding arises. Limited lines Policies tho’ economic can leave gaps in coverage so it’s best that all drivers even non owners carry financial responsibility. The Concept definitions of Legal Liability of the proprietor of a property and the Financial Responsibility of all vehicle operators on public roads is determined further in the US by the regulations of the individual state of registration. ResponseAccording to law if the holder of the vehicle has insurance on the vehicle, and “loans” you the car, and you are listed as an occasional driver of that vehicle, then you are covered. Otherwise, you will have to purchase your own policy. Dependent DriversBe careful. The response to your question varies from state to state and you need tocheck the laws in your state. In the state where I live, an under 25 driver who lives with you must be insured on your policy to drive your car and it’s very expensive. Insurance coverage is different if someone who does not live with you uses the carfor your convenience . It can get very complicated. Insurance companies are doing more and more to mitigate rising costs of repairs, medical treatment and their liability.

Can anyone buy car insurance for another person and their car?

In the USA you can get improvised car insurance for your friend’s car at a local insurance company. Some suggest daily car insurance, improvised cover for cars and brief car insurance. These insurance covers are granted when you have a fresh car, test driving, when using someone else’s car and when selling cars. Also your friend should be willing to send you the title and permit you to register the car in your name, however do list both addresses and do schedule the possessor as an insured too. That is as the policy may need to match the registration name as any compensation will only be payable to them.

What do you do if you get into an accident with a person who does not have car insurance?

Laws will vary from state to state. In some places you must call the police only when the harm is over a certain amount. You should check the situation in the place where you live..
If anyone has been injured then you need to call for medical assistance instantly..
Presumably you have total car insurance. If you have a camera take some shots of the accident. Get contact details of any witnesses, especially if it is not clear who is at fault..

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Do all the following whether it was your fault or his fault. Exchange contact details as fully as possible. Write down his number plate registration and driving license details. Give him the name of your insurance company. While you are photographing the accident attempt and get a shot of him too. If the police will come, then call them. If it seems the other driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then call the police. If the other driver admits fault (for example, if he says “Sorry, that was my fault. I shouldn’t have crossed that line, or whatever), write down his exact words, if possible. You may have to use them later.

Can they charge for insurance on a car when you have insurance?

Are you talking about car insurance for a rental car? They can suggest it but most companies won’t for you to have it. You will just be liable for any accidents you get in while in the rental car. Some car insurance policies even cover any accidents you may get into while you driving the rental car, even however you only have your private car insured. I’m presuming you are talking about rental cars. Well, some auto insurance companies suggest this and others don’t. It also depends on how through the coverage is. The reaction truly lies in your policy, just check the details and see if it includes rental car insurance. If you don’t find your response there, check with your insurance agent.

If you are drivng another persons car with permission and have no insurance but the car you are driving is insured will the car insurance pay to get the car immobile since you were at fault?

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This is different from policy to policy. You need to check the holder’s policy to see what is covered. If the possessor didn’t pay for such coverage, then the harm is not covered..
Provided the proprietor is paying for comprehensive and collision coverage the harm will will be covered, subject to a deductible, as long as the driver is not excluded from coverage.

Do you have to have insurance on a car?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a car insurance if you own a car. Togain the right to drive on public roads, you need to get your carinsured before you make the purchase. Visit turtlemint to gothrough various options of car insurance.

Can a person let someone use their car if that person does not have insurance?

The correct reaction to this varies from state to state. Some US states have omnibus laws that require insurance companies to extend coverage to any legal driver whether that particular driver is personally insured or not, as long as the vehicle itself is already insured by someone. [JMH].

Do you have to have car insurance?

You have to have car insurance which is a legalrequirement and with the right level of cover, provides financialprotection in the event of your vehicle being bruised. It will alsoprovide cover for injuries to other drivers, passengers orpedestrians, and their property.

Does insurance go after the car or the person?

Depends on the insurance policy. A good one will cover both, as long as the driver has permission to drive the car, and the policy holder can cover a rental or a fresh vehicle.

If another person has car insurance and has an accident using your car which car insurance is used?

The rule of thumb is that the possessor’s insurance pays very first and, if that coverage is inadequate, the driver’s car pays.

Does car insurance insure the car or the person?

Can insured person drive an uninsured car?

We need to know what he’s insured for. If he’s insured to drive the car, then yes. If he’s insured with life insurance, then no. But normally it’s the car that carries the insurance.

How do I get my car repaired if the person who hit my car isn’t insured?

Have your car repaired through your Insurance Company on your policy. It is then their task to obtain the costs from the person that hit you.

What if you do not have car insurance?

Don’t drive. If you are stopped or have an accident you can lose your car and your license.

Does your private car insurance cover car rentals?

If you have adequate liability coverage on your own vehicle, thisis one coverage you can always decline on your rental. Yourpersonal auto insurance should extend to a rental car. A rental carmost likely would be covered by Collision coverage or Liabilitycoverage, depending on the state in which your policy is issued.For more information visit at:

Does private car insurance cover car rentals?

If you are renting a car on vacation, your private car insurance policy will usually cover you. If you are traveling on business, you need to check with your insurance agent. When issuing individual policies, many companies have confinements on business-related rental coverage.

When to insure a car?

Go ahead and insure the car when you very first purchase it. Most dealerships won’t let you leave the dealership without insurance very first. If the car is financed or leased, it needs to have “utter coverage” insurance, which means it needs Comp and Collision along with the Bodily Injury and Property Harm (and maybe PIP too). If you already have a car that has insurance and you purchase a fresh car (in Florida) you have automatic coverage for 14 days. This gives you slew of time to call your car insurance agent and add the fresh vehicle. In order to get your registration and tag, you will need to provide proof of insurance. This is also known as a Binder. Your insurance agent will Truss coverage for you when they collect money and submit your application to the insurance company. The company then has XX number of days to issue your policy or refund your money.

How much does car rental insurance cost in the USA if a person does not have American car insurance?

Buying rental car insurance from a rental car company with vary from company to company, expect about $15-$25/day.

Do you insure the car or the person?

You insure a car for a person or persons, so that in the event of a accident with that car, insurance can be claimed only if a named driver on the insurance was driving at that time.

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Is your car insured?

I just got mine insured for pretty low, 99$ a month total coverage, however my car is a 99. Visit this site if you would like an auto quote for yourself

Is there an auto insurance that covers a person not the car?

yes you can take third party insurance cover for you & your car. where the premium is very less…which will not cover your car harm , fire & theft.

Private car insurance cover a rental car?

Yes you can. On the rental contract there is a box you can check that states you want to use your own coverage. Some rental places won’t point this out to you because they can charge you more to use their insurance, but you not required to take what they suggest and can use your own. OPCF 27 covers rental car insurance.. as long as you have that and physuical harm coverage on your policy then your covered.

Why have car insurance?

Car insurance is required by law, and it’s an expense a lot ofpeople would rather do without. Paying regularly for something thatyou don’t actually use on a regular basis – and may never use ifyou’re fortunate – can seem like it’s a money-making scam on the partof the insurance companies. The truth is that car insuranceis an investment that you are making in protecting yourself andyour future from the unexpected. It’s not a scam – and yes, youreally do need it. Havingcar insuranceis essential becauseit covers your expenses in the event ofvehicleharm orinjuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. All motoristsmust beinsuredagainst their liability to other people, Youneed car insurance to protect not only yourself but anyone whohappens to be in the car with you.

Can you have insurance and not have a car?

Yes…this is called a “non owners insurance policy”. Not a lot of companies issue these but many of them do. If this type of policy is purchased, you are cover in any vehicle you drive.

Does car insurance insure the car or the person?

Do you have to have car to get insurance?

No, you can get a named insured policy that just covers you and possible vehicles you may drive.

Can you drive a car that is not insured but you have insurance?

No. Generally, your policy covers you and your own car. It is illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle in almost every state. If there is an accident, there will be no coverage, the car will be impounded and you will be arrested. However, insurance laws vary from state to state. You should speak with an agent who does business in your state.

Does car insurance travel with the car or the person?

Auto Insurance goes after the liabilities of the Named Insured(s). Sometimes that entails following the vehicle in the event a permitted driver fits the definitions of a named insured under the terms of the Auto Insurance Policy. Sometimes it entails following the Individual such as When we rent or borrow a car and our liability coverage goes after us. Never Assume that Auto Insurance simply goes after a car or vehicle. This is a misunderstanding that many people and even Insurance Agents fall prey too when their is a lack of comprehension.

When can you get insurance on your car?

Hi, When you buy a car you have to do an insurance very first. So thatyou can’t face any problem in future. Nowadays, there are so manyinsurance companies available. But you have to choose the best onewho provides you best policy. I know a company My Money Comparison,which help consumers to compare a broad range of products &services to enable them to make more informed decisions based ontheir private circumstances & budget. Thanks.

Do you have to be on the car insurance if the car is already insured?

Auto Insurance provides coverage for losses and liabilities of the drivers named as covered on the policy.

Can you insurance your car and register with other person?

It depends on your state and the company. Some states (NY specifically) require that the registered holder be listed as the insured or 2nd named insured on a policy. They must be listed on the bar-coded insurance cards in order to register the veh. Some insurance companies have specific underwriting guidelines that require that the proprietor be listed as the insured, while other companies may not require it.

Can you drive another person car if you are not insured?

yep u can hope this helped. In most states if you are over the age of Eighteen, it is the car that is insured, not the driver. When pulled over, the police ask to see proof ofcarinsurance, notpersoninsurance.

Can you get car insurance on a friends car?

Insurance for a Friends car. Yes you can so long as you also schedule the holder as an insured. State Law requires that all Operators of motor vehicles on public roads carry proof of Financial Responsibility. That creates an Automatic legal Liability Interest and requirement in you and the vehicle your driving. The possessor and any permitted operator have an interest in the insured status of the car. If You have permissive use from the holder of a vehicle, then obviously you have an insurable interest. However, Only the Legal proprietor of the Property or the designated agent of the possessor can receive compensation for the property in the event of a covered property loss. Avoid any problems with legalities, the insuring contract or vehicle registration and inspection renewals, address owners and drivers. you should list both yourself and the decent possessor and any lien holders as insureds on the application. Insurance Company underwriting guidelines require it. We have Customers regularly buy insurance for vehicles of relatives and friends. Just honestly disclose your situation up front. Don’t misrepresent, honestly disclose all risks and insure all the interested parties. You may have to make Two or Three calls before you find an Insurance Agent who knows how to appropriately address the risk but you should have no problems obtaining the adequate coverage. Failure to decently disclose all interested parties can void your insurance coverage. ReactionNo. The holder of the car is the only one with insurable interest so they have to have insurance on it. Also, the local DMV requires the title/registration name to match the name on the insurance policy.

Does a person need insurance or just the car?

If you own a car and buy insurance to cover it, you are covered albeit the insurance is on the car. You can permit other people to drive the car and they will then be covered even if they don’t have insurance.

When do you have to have car insurance?

If you are driving a car or have it parked on a public street or parking lot then it must have insurance

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Does car insurance cover individual contents?

Car insurance normally does not cover private content that is not linked to the car. Your car stereo is covered (if it is installed) your iPod is not, nor are your CD’s etc… They would however be covered on your home owners insurance, even while in your car. Well not 100%… if you live in Ontario and you get into a NOT AT Fault accident then your contents will be covered under DCPD. other then that no.. home insurance.

Where can you get a insurance for a car?

Hi, You can get an insurance for a car from insurance companieslike My Money Comparison. Nowadays, there are so many insurancecompanies available but you have to choose the best one whoprovides you best policy with affordable price. Hope you get soon.Thanks.

Does car insurance insure the car or the person?

Does your car have to have insurance?

Yes, your car has to have insurance as long as it is meant for theroad. In almost every country, you are obligated by law to get acar insurance. A car insurance is required even if the car is notbeing used on the road. The only escape route from getting a carinsurance is if it has been officially proclaimed as ‘off the road’.But before going to choose any insurance company very first compareCheap Car Insurance Quote by Hope all willbe benefited.

Why do you have to insure your car?

so if anyone steals the car you either get the same car back or a totally fresh one that looks exactly like the one that was stolen

What happens if you have car insurance but the person that hits you does not?

You can sue them in petite claims court for your deserved money as long as you have proof of the harm. If you have Uninsured Motorist coverage, it will pay for the harm, minus any deductible.

How much is car insurance for a car?

It depends on many factors, like type of car, type of insurance, age, practice, location, garaging, security features, driving history. All of these are taken into account. A fresh and inexperienced driver is likely to pay more insurance than the value of the vehicle being driven.

Can you insure a person and their car on your own insurance?

No. Unless they are your legal, current spouse you cannot do it for any reason. If you do and have a claim, the insurance company cannot pay you because it’s not your car and they can’t pay the other person, because they do not have a contract with them. No one gets paid and no refunds are issued because you lied on a legal contract.

How many cars can one person insure?

Just a little more info. We have Trio cars and Three persons living in the household. I am Eighteen years old and presently got my g2 in Jan/2012. My mom is primary driver of Two existing vehicles in the house. I want to insure another vehicle under a different car insurance with my mom being primary driver and me occasional driver. Can she be primary driver of Trio cars? I know about me being able to drive the Two other cars, but I heard their is a waiver you can sign not to drive the other cars. The car i want to insure is a 2007 Camry 4dr LE V6

What do you have to have to get car insurance?

You will need the vin numbers on your vehicles, information on all the drivers and residents of the household, name and addresses of any leinholders that need to be notified, and just your address, phone numbers, etc.

What is the best car insurance for a junior person?

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of car insurance. This includes your credit report, driving record and length of time you have been driving. The best place to begin if possible is with your parent’s policy. You will often receive much lower rates than you would applying for a policy on your own. Discounts are often given for being a utter time student and having good grades.If that is not possible, you should check with an independent insurance agent in your area. The agent will, at no cost to you, check the rates for all companies that you are eligible for and get the best rates for you.

Can you rent a car without private car insurance?

YesAll you have to have is a valid drivers licence and a credit card with enough limit left to cover the cost.But the insurance the rental company will charge is not cheap!

How can a person get a car recovery insurance program?

You can get these from practically every insurance provider. Ask your current insurance provider about this and they will give you more information about it.Have a good day!

Where can a person get car insurance in Jackson MS?

Many car insurance companies suggest nationwide coverage, such as Geico and AllState. These companies should have offices located in Jackson, Mississippi.

Where can a person get Ferrari car insurance in Tampa?

One can find Ferrari car insurance through the Ferrari dealership in Tampa. Ferrari of Tampa Bay offers owners off the hook insurance based on the protection of a Ferrari.

Can a person insure a car of their parents?

No. The insurance must be in the name of the holder of the vehicle. An insurance policy is a legally strapping contract and if one party does not own the vehicle then the policy and thus the contract is void. The insurance company cannot pay a claim on a vehicle if the holder is not party to the contract. They also cannot legally pay the holder because they are not an insured person under the contract.

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