Will your health insurance cover bodily injury in a car accident?

Will your health insurance cover bodily injury in a car accident?Yes, but only as a secondary coverage to all other auto insurance claims you might have (like bodily injury liability against the at fault driver or individual injury protection coverage in no-fault states).

Does PLPD cover health bills for injuries related to an auto accident?

Ok, let’s break it down: PL = Public Liability; PD = Property Harm. Payments that result from the use of these coverages are generally for the health and repair of vehicles for the party you have had an accident with. Passengers in the vehicle with you if injured can in some cases claim against the PL portion for there injurys. But for the drivers injuries, there will be no pay out what so ever. Unless medical or um is on the policy. Or you were the one that was hit by someone else.

If you do not have any car or health insurance how do you get compensated for your injuries?

Consult a lawyer and sue the person who is responsible for your injuries. If it was your own fault, you can most likely find a lawyer who will attempt to find a way to blame the auto manufacturer, highway maintenance department, or anyone with deep pockets.

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Can you claim bodily injury from your insurance for a car accident in which you were found at fault?

If you had medical coverage, you can. .
You cannot claim bodily injury against your own policy for yourself because you cannot be liable to yourself. Bodily injury coverage falls under the liability portion of your policy, for injury to others caused by you or the driver of your vehicle. You must carry PIP or MEDPAY for your own injuries. .
In the UK – the law is based on fault. Namely the driver at fault pays for the injury and vehicle harm to the virginal road user. Motor insurance is compulsory as this pays the liability of the driver at fault. So you cannot claim for bodily injury from your own insurance as you would be claiming against yourself – but if your motor policy was comprehensive you can claim from your own insurer for vehicle harm – subject to an excess. See the related link entitled “car driver injury claims” for a total explanation as to when a car driver can claim and when a car driver is considered liable.

In a NJ accident with a NJ driver at fault and a PA driver which policy covers the Bodily INJury claim?

All insurance policys must conform to the laws of the state that the vehicle is being driven/wreck in. Whom ever is at fault for the loss, their policy will cover the injured party. If the N.J. driver is at fault then their policy will pay the injured PA driver under the N.J. policys bodily injury coverage. Subject to the rules of the state..Is it a p.i.p. state? If so the thresold must be eclipsed.

Do you have to reimburse a health insurance provider that paid for medical bills if you received a bodily injury settlement from your auto insurance?

If they have a Subrogation Clause (Section of Property Insurance and Liability Insurance policies providing an insurer the right to take legal act against a third party responsible for a loss to an insured for which a claim has been paid) in their contract (and most do). The above reaction is correct. What this means is you need to take this into consideration when determining on a settlement. If your health insurance paid $50,000 in benefits and your attorney gets 30% of what he/she recovers, lodging for $75,000 may sound nice but you will likely never see a nickel of it.

If you have health insurance will your PIP pay for an injury in an auto accident?

Reaction .
In Florida, PIP will pay 80% of the bills till a total of $Ten,000 is reached. .
After the $Ten,000 limit, the health insurance will kick in as if that was the primary insurance. .
So what about the 20% before the $Ten,000. Send the remaining balance bills to your health insurance or the provider if the provider belongs to the health insurance list. Most of the health insurance companies will pay nothing of the 20% as the auto PIP will have paid several fold the allowable amount that the helath insurance pays had it not been as a result of an auto accident. They will tell the provider that no extra payment is due. So you will not pay a dime from your pocket till you reach the $Ten,000 limit. .
But if you are going to a out-of-network provider, I do not know. So when you go to ER or a doctor, tell them you only want to see your health insurance providers. They may not do so but insist..
Beaware of even network providers attempting to ask you to pay the balance if your health insurance company does not pay anything. They become greedy like anyone else..
The sun is setting on reqd PIP in Florida. It is a boon for people who have a insurance as they will not go thru the hassles that providers put you thru for the balance of the PIP. On PIP, charges are 3-4 times what is permitted by health insurance companies. So hospitals and doctors make a killing. With PIP gone in Fall, now the lawyers will make a killing by suing for injuries. And if you are not insured, you are in trouble even if the accident was not your fault. PIP was a good idea, but when hospitals and doctors got greedy, it became to be known as a scam. .
With our mentality of making money in the brief run, this is what the consumer gets. He is shafted no matter what, just getting shafted by different people. Do you want to be shafted by the medical community or the lawyers. Take your pick.

If you have PLPD and are involved in an accident does their insurance cover your car?

Response .
If the other party has insurance then their “property harm” coverage should cover harm to your vehicle. If you happen to be at fault or there is some question as to who is at fault then it might be hard to collect from their insurance company..
Response .
Only if the other party is at fault. If you have collision insurance, you can file the claim with your own agent. Then you will be paid for your damages, less your deductible, and when your company collects from the other company you will also get your deductible. If you do not have collision, you will have to file your claim directly with the at-fault driver’s insurance. If the company denies your claim (and unless there is very compelling evidence that their client was at fault, they will), you will have to sue the driver. Then, IF YOU WIN the lawsuit, their insurance will pay.

Are you covered by your insurance if you are driving in a cast and are involved in a car accident?

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It depends on your coverage & the state, but normally if you have total coverage your insurer will cover any accident you are in.

Do you have to reimburse health insurance for car accident medical treatment?

Response .
Usually the health insurer will record a lien, and, as, that lien will have to be paid off. The amount of the lien may be able to be negotiated downward after you receive settlement money..
If you are validly insured then it is the responsibility of the insurer to cover those costs which are covered under the existing policy. that is why you pay insurance premiums in the very first place..
Depending on the circumstances the insurer may attempt to recover monies paid for medical expenses from the person or the person’s insurer who was at fault in the accident..
Liens are only possible if a lawsuit is won and a judgment is awarded to the plaintiff. .
The exception being a Mechanic’s lien which is used to recover costs for repairs or improvement of the real property in question.

Who would cover your sons injuries sustained in car accident while driving in NY state with AL liability only auto insurance?

Response .

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Liability is only to cover the other person. You might have to pay out of pocket for your son.

In Michigan if you report an accident to the police for insurance purposes will the at-fault driver get a ticket if there are no bodily injuries?

This all depends on the facts of loss. With more info I could be of more assistance.

Does storage insurance cover an accident if the car is driven?

Reaction .
if car was driven by storage employee or anyone who is affliated with storage facility. Yes, it will be convered by their insurance. However, if the vehical was driven by a possessor, his or her car insurance company will be responsible. .
best way to resolve this issue, contact your insurance agent or provider! .

Will your health insurance cover bodily injury in a car accident?

What happens if we are in a car accident and you do not have a licence and i am not covered under the insurance?

You will be arrested or ticketed for being an un-licensed operator. The holder of the vehicle will becomepersonallyfinancially liable for any damages or suits for injury because they permitted an un-licensed operator to operate their vehicle.

Will your health insurance cover medical expenses if you are injured in a car accident?

As with anything regarding health insurance, it depends. Generally speaking, in an auto accident the question about medical benefits is secondary to providing the best care for the accident victim. After the emergency has passed is the time for figuring out who pays for the medical expenses. Often health insurance is asked to pay very first. However, health insurance companies have a program called “subrogation” that seeks to ensure that the responsible party pays for their share of expenses. In the case of a car accident, typically the auto insurance will be primary and should pay medical expenses very first. During the process of subrogation the health insurance provider will contact the auto insurance provider and negotiate who should pay the bills. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subrogation for extra information.

Car accident bill health or car insurance?

Car insurance and possibly health insurance if the car insurance does no cover the entire bill.

Will you be covered by insurance if you have no license and caused a car accident?

Hardly … one of your responsibilities as a driver of an automobile is to actually have a license to drive. Most likely your car will be impounded until you can display proof that you are decently authorized to operate a motor vehicle.

An insurance policy with bodily injury coverage covers?

the injury to or death of each person as a result of any one accident

What is the Bodily Injury statute of limitations in Nevada for car accidents?

The statute of limitations for individual injury suits involving car accidents is the same as for other negligence suits: two years with the discovery rule .

Can you sue the insurance for injuries 7 months after a car accident?

Most states permit you to file a claim up to Two or Three years after an accident, but you can only sue an insurance company if they have denied your claim.

What should you do if you were in a car accident and insurance won’t cover it?

This is a very vague question. You should talk to your agent. If you go through Geico or Progressive, cancel your policy immidiately and get a live, local, licensed independent insurance agent. These are the only people who can be there to help when you have problems.

Will your car insurance cover your daughter if she has an accident?

Car insurance is designed to cover your vehicle should you need to permit someone to use it. There may be some difficulties with coverage if it is being primarily driven by someone who isn’t rated on the policy.

Insurance bodily injury covers?

It covers bodily injury. I am a little confused with your question… It covers injuries to others if you are held or considered at fault for their injuries ex. you are held at fault in an auto acc.

What is an insurance policy with bodily injury coverage?

The question can be answered in a duo of ways: 1. Third-party coverage is sometimes called liability coverage. It provides benefits for third-party who sustains harm or injury due to the carelessness of the insured. In this context, bodily injury coverage within the liability protection will provide benefits to the injured party for his/her injury. Note, however, that it will pay only upon a finding that the insured was legally responsible for the injury, and that BUT FOR the act or inaction of the insured, the injury would not have occurred. This is the concept of proximate causation. Two. Bodily injury coverage can exist in a first-party policy as well. This is a policy under which the insured is him/herself insured. Examples are the uninsured motorist and individual injury protection coverages of an automobile policy.

What does a provision for bodily injury cover in an insurance policy?

It depends on the state in which the policy is written and also if there is an accident, the state in which the accident occurs. Typically however, it covers bodily injury, as defined in the policy section labeled “definitions” to anyone involved in the accident toward whom you might have liability. That liability is defined by the law. The coverage will be limited by exclusions or things not covered as outlined in the policy or endorsements. In other words, generally speaking, it covers the injuries sustained by another party due to something that is either fully or partially your fault. It may or may not provide that same coverage to occupants of your vehicle, members of your household, etc. Whatever it does cover in terms of money, it is to the value of the claim or to the boundaries of the coverage, whichever is less. Never assume that you know what is covered unless you check with someone who knows how to read your policy. It sounds almost condescending but I certainly don’t mean it that way. I have been a claims manager for many years and coverage is one of my specialties. It can be very straightforward or very complicated depending on the situation. Adjusters, supervisors, managers and even attorneys don’t always get it right. In addition, the terminology also has application to uninsured motorist coverage. That is a separate coverage which is intended to provide compensation for you, or occupants of your vehicle, who were injured in a collision with another vehicle that did not have individual injury liability coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage often comes in the same amount as the liability insurance that you purchase, but there can sometimes be an option for higher boundaries, lower thresholds, or an option to waive uninsured motorist coverage altogether. If a collision and resulting injuries occur for which uninsured motorist coverage applies, the valuation of the injury is made similarly to that of a third-party claim (that is, one against the other driver’s bodily injury insurer had there been one) This can include a reduction in recovery for any comparative or contributory negligence (depending upon the rule of law followed by the governing state) attributable to the person asserting the claim for damages. Typically, “bodily injury” is afforded the same definition in this context.

If you are inebriated and are uninsured but is driving a car that is insured and get into an accident are you covered?

You will NEVER be covered when you are tipsy, you will be fined and put in jail! the reason for this is that too many idiots get behind the wheel of a car when they are buzzed , many they have no respect for human life and do not even bother to think that they could kill someone!!

Will your health insurance cover bodily injury in a car accident?

Is accidental injury at home covered by health or homeowners insurance?

Accidental death of the homeowner, and his/her instant family (brother, son, father, wifey, etc.) is NOT covered under homeowner’s. It is very likely not covered under health insurance, either. Any medical bills created by the accident should be covered under health insurance. Accidental death of a person visiting one’s home MAY be covered, but usually only in a very petite amount – $1,000 or so. If someone in your household has died, check to see if he/she had any life insurance. Sometimes, their employer may have provided a policy, so them with them, as well.

Does health insurance cover you in a DUI accident if its your fault?

It depends on what type of insurance policy you have. Some states have the “no-fault” insurance policies wherein the insured party may be compensated regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

Are passengers in your car covered by your bodily injury liability insurance?

passengers in my car should be covered since the california car insurance law requirement does not distinguish as to which person is covered by bodily injury liability insurance

Will your life insurance cover injury from an accident?

No. However, you may have provision in it that will pay for your premium if you are incapable to work.

Is accidental injury at home covered by health insurance?

It depends on your policy, but generally speaking yes. You will have to meet all the normal requirements (prequalification before being admitted in non-emergencies, in-network hospital/doctor, copayment, deductible, etc.).

Does car insurance cover bodily injury liability?

It depends upon the coverage that you purchase. Normally, when you buy liability insurance, you get both property harm and bodily injury liability coverage. In fact, many states require that such insurance be maintained for the protection of others who may be injured due to your negligence. The failure to do so can result in the suspension of your license and tags under Financial Responsibility Laws. The nature of liability insurance is such that it pays damages to an harmless third party to whom you cause injury. In that sense, it protects you from individual liability up to the policy thresholds that you have bought. If you are sued as a result of the incident and fault is contested, the insurer also provides you with an attorney to defend you. The insurer pays the attorney’s fees and related court costs (such as, but not limited to, court reporter expenses).

If an unisured driver has an accident in your car will your insurance still cover it?

Very likely. When you purchase insurance, you are insuring the car. If you drive someone else’s car and have an accident, their insurance should cover the costs (but their insurance *may* sue your insurance company for compensation/reimbursement.)

If you are in an accident in Texas and it is your fault will your insurance cover your car repairs?

Yes, if your policy has adequate coverage. If you have total coverage insurance, your car will be repaired entirely and your portion of the repairs will be whatever your deductible is.

What happens if car insurance does not cover total amount of accident?

(In the UK) I’m guessing you mean on your own vehicle? i.e. your car repair bill is for £5000, but your vehicle is only worth £3000 (amounts for illustration only)? In that situation, the Insurer would ‘write off’ the vehicle – essentially announcing it as unworthy of repair. They would then pay out to you the £3000, assuming that £3k istheirvaluation of the car and take ownership of it themselves for scrapping. This is regardless of what you told them it was worth when you took out the insurance. Conversely, if you told them it was worth £2500, and the car is worth £3000, they will only pay up to a maximum of £2500 – sneaky so & so’s!!! If you feel that the harm is only cosmetic, or you are a mechanic yourself, and feel that the car can be repaired cheaply, then you can always buy the car back off them – usually for a duo of hundred quid. If however you meant other people’s vehicles, then I believe it is the same as public liability insurance, and covers up to £1 million. Should be enough for most vehicles… Outside of the UK I’m afraid I don’t have a clue! ReactionIn the US, if the vehicle were itself bruised, once the deductible is paid by the insured, the insurer pays the reasonable cost of repair. Recently, it has become common for insurers to have preferred repair facilities that work with the insurer on cost of repairs. This is similar to managed care in the health insurance arena. In most states, it is also the law that if damages exceed a stated percentage of the actual cash value of the car, the insured must proclaim it a total loss. The insurer then pays the insured the actual cash value, less the policy’s collision or comprehensive deductible. The insured if often given a choice to either keep the salvage and, perhaps, pay to rebuild the vehicle, or to sign title over to the insurer. If the insurer keeps the salvage, the salvage value is deducted from the amount paid to the insured. In cases where the insured is at fault for a collision and a claim is made by a third party for property or bodily injury harm, most states require the insurer to lodge the claim within the insured’s policy boundaries if it possible to do so. If it unwilling to pay the value of the claim when it knew or should have known that the claim was in excess of policy boundaries, and the claimant will lodge for policy thresholds, the insurer will have exposed the insurer to an “excess verdict”. That is, in most states, considered “bad faith”. In that situation, the insured can sue the insured for extra damages. Alternatively, the insured can assign that claim to the claimant who may sue the insurer for the difference inbetween policy thresholds and the amount of the claim. Note that state law governing bad faith may differ depending the jurisdiction, and that this is intended only as a general discussion.

How are insurance bodily injury claims treated?

This is not a question that lends itself to a brief reaction, here is an outline: 1. After the incident, either the policyholder or the claimant (or his/her/its representative) must report the incident to the insurer. A timely report is usually a condition to coverage under the policy (if coverage is found to exist). Two. The insurer will commence an investigation of the occurrence. This may be done by in-house adjusters, or the insurer may hire outside adjusters to investigate. Trio. Depending upon typr pg occurrence, elements of the investigation will include police reports, photographs, diagrams, witness statements, statements of the insured and as many other people as may have skill of the “who where, when, why, and how” factors. Four. Assuming that the claimant was injured, the adjuster will want to collect medical records of treating practitioners, therapists, and others. These will be assessed for objective and subjective complaints of injury, indicia of preexisting conditions, prescriptions, and other types of medical care and therapy. Five. The adjuster will also need to know how the injury has affected the claimant. Work records, including lost time/income, inability to perform work-related functions, etc. will be significant. The adjuster will also want to know how the injury has affected other aspects of the claimant’s life–participation in activities, etc. Age of the claimant will also be a factor, because (1) a serious, permanent injury will adversely affect a junior person longer; (Two) a less-serious injury to a junior person is likely to heal better; (Trio) an injury to an older person will affect the person for a shorter time, but is less likely to readily resolve. 6. The adjuster will need to determine if there is any fault om the claimant. Depending upon the jurisdiction involved, the rule of law may be such that recovery of damages is precluded or diminished depending upon the fault factor (based on “comparative” or “contributory” negligence). 7. Most insurers have ranges within which they lodge claims, based upon the above factors, and others. They also look to jury verdict research to determine what similar injuries are “bringing” when suit is filed and the cases go to trial. For the most part, the purpose is to resolve a claim amicably if it is possible to do so. In fact, insurers have the obligation to lodge a claim within policy boundaries (the maximum amount payable as liability benefits) if it is possible to do so, rather than subject the policyholder to suit and to the risk of a verdict against him/her/it that is in excess of policy boundaries. Insurers also consider the expenses that they incur in defending a lawsuit (defense attorney fees and court costs) in making the decision.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to my mother from an accident within the residence?

Not unless you are somehow liable for your mothers injuries. Accidents happen everywhere, in the home, in the park, at churchand on the sidewalks. Your moms existing medical insurance will seeto her health needs.

Does car insurance cover injuries?

Yes. Whose injuries and how much maximum can vary greatly. The best thing to do is to find a knowledgable agent that you like and can trust and sit down and discuss your needs and wants. A good agent will find the right prce for what you want. An independent agent is your best bet as they represent several good companies that are competetive in their area. Mainly, find one you like and can trust.

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Will your health insurance cover bodily injury in a car accident?

Can other drivers claim bodily injury from your insurance for a car accident in which driver is found at fault?

Yes, the driver who was at fault is responsible for the bodily injury for anyone who has been hurt in the accident. The percentage of payment that has to be made would depend upon the percentage of fault for the accident, the prevaling norms of the state or province where the accident ocurred.

Can health insurance cover the balance of the claim of the car accident?

Yes, your Health insurance can provide coverage for injuries received in an auto accident beyond what may have already been covered through an automobile insurance policy. Your health insurance however is specific to you and the covered persons under your policy. It will not pay for property harm or liabilities for injuries to others.

What if an uninsured unlicensed driver is driving an insured drivers car causes an accident with bodily injury?

The injury would most likely not be covered under your auto because you let an unlicensed driver drive your vehicle when they cannot legally drive.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to possessor from an accident outside residence?

Homeowners Insurance is “Property” insurance not health insurance, it is not designed to substitute medical or health coverage. You would need to review your policy language or contact Insurance Agent to determine if any coverage is available under your property insurance policy.

Will homeowners insurance cover bodily injury by a rock caused by your lawnmower?

If you hit another person who is not one of the named insured or a household member then it may pay for the medical bill up to the limit of the policy. The limit of medical payments to others is usually from $1000 to $5000 and will be listed on your declarations page.

Does health insurance cover bodily injury in an accident?

Different states and policies can have different benefits and coverages. Health insurance will cover medical costs related to an auto accident but in most states they are secondary to automobile insurance. This means that the auto insurance will be responsible for payment very first and health insurance will pay after that. If the health insurance company goes ahead and pays the claim or at least the very first few bills then you receive payment of file for payments on the auto insurance you will be responsible for reimbursement to the health insurer.

Will homeowners insurance cover bodily injury claims if a covered vehicle is involved?

A homeowners policy does not cover and specifically excludes self-motorized vehicles except for lawn mowers used exclusively for maintenance of the property insured. Even in this case the mower is covers if bruised in a covered cause but bodily injury is not a coverage included on a homeowners policy.

Which insurance companies will cover an accident injury?

Most health insurances should cover an accident injury. It is significant to look over one’s health policy to ensure that accidents are indeed covered entirely.

What insurance covers bodily injury?

In order for one to have insurance cover bodily injury one would have to have bodily injury insurance. This is good insurance to have as it would cover injuries to any persons that one injures in an accident. This liability insurance would cover any amount one is obligated to pay for injuries sustained and related costs.

Can you sue your car insurance if you caused the accident and you do have injuries?

if you made the accident(specially if it prove you did it onpurpose) it is almost certain you will lose the lawsuit and evenget sued yourself for fraud

Will your health insurance pay very first if you are in a car accident?

No. You auto insurance has to pay very first before the health insurance will begin to pay. Usually they want a letter from your auto insurance carrier to prove that all medical payments coverage on your auto insurance has been fatigued.

What is a good limit to have for bodily injury car insurance?

A good place to begin in figuring out what amount of bodily injury liability is to look at your net worth. Recall you can be sued lightly for hurting someone in an auto accident. I personally think no one should have less than 50/100/50 liability coverage. If you own a home you should have 100/300 or more. Indeed you should ask your agent to assist you with this question. If you look at the difference in cost for enlargened liability it is fairly puny. Most claims come in the smaller amounts so most of the cost is put into the lower levels of liability cost. To increase it is very inexpensive.

Are dirty dancing related injuries covered by health insurance?

Yes, if you twerk too hard and you injure yourself (back injury,quads, knees, or fall down and hit your head because you lose yourbalance from all of the dirty dancing), it will likely be covered byinsurance.

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