How can you locate a person’s auto insurance carrier?

How can you locate a person's auto insurance carrier?If it’s pursuant to an auto accident, your local police department might be able to assist you, so long as you have information on the person such as a license plate or license number. Your own insurance company should also be able to find the carrier, so long as it’s to submit an accident claim.

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another person’s car?

Borrowed Vehicles for the UKIn the UK – the general rule is that the driver’s own vehicle insurance will pay for any accidents other than when the driver is driving a car with permission and is named on the car proprietor’s policy. If the driver has no insurance the driver has a private liability to pay for injuries and harm to third parties. Either the car possessor’s insurance can be used to meet a compensation claim or the Motor Insurers Bureau will step in to pay compensation if no car insurance is available from either the driver or the possessor. See the related link entitled “accident car insurance” – for an explanation of all forms of car insurance in the UK and the function of the MIB. Insurance Coverage in Someone Else’s vehicle – USAIn The USA this will vary state by state according to local regulation as well as the type of Auto Insurance Policy in place at the time. It’s always best to get coverage advice from your Insurance Agent. As a general rule across the 50 states, if the holder of the “individual use” vehicle being driven has adequate coverage then that policy is treated as primary and any coverage the driver has is secondary or excess in the event damages exceed the thresholds of the vehicle holder’s insurance policy or in the event of no coverage for the operator under the owners policy. If coverage is afforded under the vehicle owners policy then it will act as primary coverage. If not, then the drivers own auto liability insurance (if any) will step up from secondary and invoke as very first party coverage. Depending on the policy language and coverage selected options, liability, uninsured motorist, pip and medical portions will all invoke and provide you coverage. Extra Considerations or possible coverage Gaps (Please add more here if you can think of some) .
Your Private auto Policy will “Not” go afteryou for operation of ahired business or commercial use vehicleunless you have elected business use coverage as well. .
If the vehicle proprietor has purchased a limited form type or a ” named driver ” policy. however economic for those on a budget, no coverage at all may be afforded to occasional or permitted drivers. .
The degree of coverage beyond the above that may invoke are dependent on various factors such as the reason for driving the other vehicle, loaners, rentals or replacement status vehicles and other local or state regulations. It’s always best to talk with your agent and make sure you undertsand your coverage before loaning or borrowing a vehicle. Glad MotoringInsurance Coverage in anothers vehicleI am an auto insurance adjuster and the quickest reaction to your question is – “it depends on the Proprietor of the vehicle’s policy language”. Most auto insurance policies WILL in fact cover ANY driver of the insured vehicle, UNLESS that driver has been previously excluded from the policy or UNLESS the driver has STOLEN the vehicle. This would have to be proved with a copy of a theft report filed by the possessor. Now, most of the time this is the case – but NOT in all states, and NOT on all policies. I urge you to call your agent BEFORE you drive a friend’s car or BEFORE you let a friend drive yours. Here are more answers and opinions from other FAQ Farmers: .
The insurance will only cover you if you are listed under their insurance with the car proprietor. .
I had to find this out in a hard way. They will, if the car holder has given you permission to drive. But if not, they won’t and I fell into the 2nd case. .
A good rule of thumb is that ‘insurance goes after the owners liabilities as far as coverage is worried. The policy in force on the vehicle involved in a loss will cover the harm to the vehicle itself and provide the liability boundaries if other parties are involved and are covered under the terms of that policy. This does assume that you had the proprietor’s PERMISSION to drive the vehicle involved. .

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A lot also depends on the state. I’m in Texas – my policy specifically states that anybody that I permit to drive my vehicle is covered. At the same time, my policy will cover me in somebody else’s vehicle (with the same coverages that I carry), and also cover any fresh car for 30 days, to permit time for me to give them the car information. They tend to be a lot more liberal than most companies however. And I don’t carry collision anyway (my car is 15-years-old with 165k miles, not worth it), just theft, uninsured motorist and liability. .
I think this question could vary state to state. However, in WA, the insurance on the vehicle is primary, and if the drivers has insurance on another vehicle, or a broad form policy, theirs is secondary. Hope that helps, just my Two cents. .
The vehicle’s insurance is primary. If liability insurance on the vehicle is inadequate your own policy will come in as secondary and protect “YOU”. .
The driver’s insurance applies. Think of this: how can you lower your insurance premium: you, the driver are experienced, good driver (no accident, etc.) As soon as I add my daughter to my policy, it switches to inexperienced driver and not good driver category! SAME car….! .
The insurance goes after the Named Insureds Liabilities. That is the general rule. However, in some states, there is case law that will hold the holder’s and driver’s insurers coprimary for liability coverage IN SITUATION WHERE THE DRIVER IS USING THE Proprietor’S CAR AS A Makeshift SUBSTITUTE VEHICLE. Generally however, the driver’s policy is excess or secondary. A car is insured under comprehensive and collision insurance. The Named Insured Drivers are covered for Liability purposes. For the car to be insured in the case of an accident there are stipulations placed on who can drive the car relating to driver age, practice, driving record etc. this may vary from policy to policy. It all depends, Specifically As with most questions like this, it depends. Specifically: 1. Auto insurance goes after the named Insured Liabilities. So, if you’re driving your friend’s car and rear-end somebody, your friend’s liability insurance may take care of the other vehicle’s damages. Two. But what if your friend doesn’t carry insurance? Most likely your insurance will step in, but if Ohio requires vehicle owners to carry liability insurance, your carrier will most likely go after your friend for the money they paid to protect you because, by law, your friend should have paid for his own coverage. Trio. Does the car belong to a relative? More specifically, a relative in your household? This would likely result in your carrier denying coverage for you because you didn’t tell them a relative possesses a car that you’re driving. How often you drive the car could also affect your carrier’s decision. Four. But what if you have utter coverage, and you wreck your friend’s car that doesn’t have total coverage, and you don’t normally drive the car? Most likely, your carrier will step in and pay for the damages to your friend’s car. Your carrier is “excess,” but if no other first-party coverage exists, they’ll usually take care of it. See #Trio, however, because this wouldn’t apply to a relatives vehicle. insurance on the vehicle The kind of Insurance you are speaking of is a Named non-owners policy. If you are driving someones car that you borrow it needs to have insurance too. It is illegal to drive a car without insurance (for that car) The driver and possessor could get a ticket for the vehicle not being insured. Insurance Coverage In my practice as an auto insurance adjuster, the car carries the insurance. It would tie up the courts if settlements were partially on the vehicle and partially on insurance carried by the driver. If your car is involved in an accident while being driven a person who does not have your permission (as the Named Policy Holder) it is possible that your insurance company, after an in-depth investigation, including sworn statements by you, may attempt to subrogate against the unauthorized driver’s insurance. There is an excess clause in almost every auto policy. One particular Auto Insurance carrier is famous for attempting to deny coverage based on this excess clause. But, as far as I know EVERY company’s policy language includes this excess clause. In MOST cases, where only PD or MD (property harm or material harm) are involved, companies will agree to pro rata shares of coverage. The above-mentioned carrier tends to dig their high-heeled shoes in the sand, however, and prolongs the treating of such claims, which almost ALWAYS translates to a costlier claim process. most generally yes, your exact coverage will transfer over (if that vehicle is uninsured and there are MANYif’sin this ) to this uninsured vehicle, if it meets the criteria of ‘non-owned auto’ ‘improvised replacement vehicle’ etc……but NOT on a continueing bases…you can’t just insure one vehicle and drive a non insured one indefinately…understand? In the state of AZ, the insurance goes after the car. Your own coverage may extend to a vehicle that you are using with permission but only as secondary coverage. 1 Until this response is improved by an pro, this layman’s reaction will have to suffice. IF the driver is not named on the vehicle’s insurance, the terms of the insurance policy will dictate the treating of a liability claim for the accident in which the vehicle was involved. Normally, if the driver is: 1. Legally licensed to drive, andTwo. Has the permission of the holder of the vehicle to have been driving it at the time of the collision, then most policies will cover the “Permissive User.” If the vehicle you borrowed does not carry insurance and you do, your insurance becomes secondary to cover the claim. The holder’s insurance is primary. 1 Generally, across the insurance industry, if there is insurance on the vehicle involved in the collision, then that insurance is considered “primary,’ and is the policy which will provide very first coverage if coverage is extended to that driver. Then, IF the primary coverage is not adequate [not enough money], the driver’s insurance [considered secondary] will kick in for the balance owed on the liability claim, until its limit is reached. typically the insurance on the car is primary…..if that policy has collision coverage (am assuming there is liability coverage as that is required)…..the vehicle policy will repair that vehicle….if that vehicle doesNOThave collision coverage and driver has a policy with collision coverage then drivers policy will step in (2nd)……if neither policy has collision coverage and the driver of your vehicle is at fault……….no company is repairing that vehicle….. and yes as mentioned which ever policy pays for the ‘at fault’ accident those rates are enhancing……could be that both pay….yours for the other parties harm under liablity portion (if your vehicle is at fault) and drivers collision coverage (if your vehicle has no coll.cov) That is determined by the coverage clauses in both parties policy. The person whose insurance company pays will be the one whose rates increase. You usually are covered by the insurance for the car…if your friend drove your car and you had insurance on your car, they would be covered on your insurance, not their own Generally not. While you’re an insured driver, it’s your the policy covers only your liability. with permission from the holder, as long as there is no exclusion, and you are not a ‘regular’ driver, if you are using the vehicle with any regularity, you would need to be listed as an insured driver. No. The person who wields the car and has it insured will be responsible through their insurance. However, they can take you to puny claims court for the amount they had to pay and will win the case.

Can an auto insurance carrier designate their med payments coverage secondary to any other health insurance in CA as a result of an auto loss?

This is gooey, not sure what you mean by ‘designate’ secondary. Assume you are telling your health insurance has to pay very first and med pay picks up what’s left? Yes, in some states that is the practice/permitted. Some states permit dual dipping meaning you can collect from both. Contact the Dept. of Insurance for your state, (should be an 800 number) they will be able to tell you. Also look in your policy it will also tell you for sure.

Can you drop your auto insurance carrier half-way through your six-month policy period if you found a different carrier with a better suggest?

In NJ you can – the old insurance company is supposed to pro-rate your fees and mail you a check for the difference. You have to notify them after you get the fresh coverage set up.

Can you get auto insurance without an auto?

Response It depends on the insurance company. There are some out there where you can get insurance on you to drive any vehicle and be covered, it is normally more expensive that way.

How can you locate a person’s insurance company when they reject to tell you who it is?

Reaction .
if it is regarding an accident call the police they cant reject to tell them(they very likely dont have one if they wont tell you)

Can your auto insurance carrier make you use after market parts on your GM auto for collision repairs?

Response .
Usually an insurance co. wants a quote on the repairs,if they want after market parts, then they are cheap and I would use another insurer. .
Once you give the Ins co. the estimate or two estimates if from the original dealer, the original dealer should use genuine parts, and ask for the empty boxes. .
If you get the check from the insurance co. it is up to you to do the repairs, they will not pay again for same thing. If you get the check and cash it and do no repairs, itson you.

How do you get auto insurance?

ResponseVery first you need, a drivers license, a car, and VALID registration. Then, LOTS AND LOTS of phone calls so you can sop around for the best rates, you can go through brokers, (its like a shopping mall for insurance companies), and once you hear some numbers you like (depending on the coverage), you make a down payment, sign several legally required papers, then you;re all set. Attempt this site where you can get quotes from different

What is auto insurance?

This is insurance which protects the insured against losses involving the use of automobiles. Various coverages may be bought depending on the desires of the insured. Such coverages include the liability coverages of bodily injury, property harm, and medical payments, and the physical harm coverages of collision and comprehensive. Auto insurance requirements vary. If you’re not sure what’s required in your home state or country, or you’re moving, educate yourself on your state’s or country’s minimum auto insurance requirements and plan to exceed them. (If you’re involved in a serious accident, carrying the minimum requirements won’t cover your losses!) Auto insurance helps you to protect you and your family against financial loss in the event of an accident or other cause of loss.It covers the injuries and damages caused by an accident and for which you are legally responsible. Answer- Auto insurance is a protection that protects the proprietor of vehicle against financial loss if vehicle have accident. It is a contract inbetween vehicle proprietor and auto insurance company. The vehicle proprietor pays the fix amount of premium to the auto insurance company and in exchange the insurance company pays to the vehicle proprietor against loss as mentioned in the insurance policy. There may be various types of auto insurance coverage such as property harm coverage, vehicle figure injury coverage, collision coverage, private injury coverage and more.

How can a third party carrier be defined in the context of auto insurance?

In the context of auto insurance, a third party refers to anyonewho is not a part of the insurance contract. This could includedrivers of other vehicles on the road.

Can one person’s sr22 insurance cancel the existing auto insurance policies of other people who share the same residence?

Reaction .
No, Your Insurer has no capability to cancel the insurance policies of another Insurance company nor of other people in your household whether they have an SR22 or not. An Insurer only has an capability to cancel the policy of their own insured(s). if the insured no longer meets it’s underwriting guidelines..

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The other people in your household’s insurance could only be cancelled by themselves or by their own Insurer. This could happen if their Insurer determines that an uninsured, unscheduled driver in the same houshold may be operating their insured’s vehicle..
SR22 insurance is exactly the same thing as Auto Insurance. SR22 Insurance is a laymans term for a Form SR22 filing requirement. This is usually requested in order to avoid a drivers license Suspension..
An SR22 form filing is not a type of insurance but rather the Form SR22 is Proof to a Governmental Drivers License Authority, ” usually your local dmv”, that you are presently insured under an Auto Insurance Policy produced by the SR22 Form Filer. The SR22 is usually filed by Your Insurance Agent if you have one or your Insurance company’s underwriting department..
The SR22 form is Issued by the insurer or the insurers representative at the insureds request and is generally the result of a regulatory or court ordered requirement after certain types of traffic violations or other high risk offenses..
The ordered filing requirement is usually 1 to Three years from the date of a related offense or from the date of license suspension.

How to become insurance rep for carriers?

If your a licensed agent all you have to do is contact those insurers you are interested in signifying. Those that are accepting fresh agents will likely be blessed to provide you with an agents appointment application.

Can you get auto insurance if you never had auto insurance?

Yes, you don’t say if you just have never had the NEED forinsurance or drove ‘uninsured’ — for the latter, some companieswill not insure you. But there are many many that will. It is better to ask to the insurance company. You can check outonline for various insurance providers, and they can give youbetter idea.

How can you locate a person's auto insurance carrier?

How do you get appointed by an insurance carrier?

One of the fastest ways to get appointed by an insurance carrier is to contact their licensing and contracting department and request a producer application.

What do you do with your auto insurance when you sell the auto?

You need to call your insurance company to liquidate the vehicle from your policy. If you are getting a fresh vehicle, you need to add that vehicle on. If you are not getting a fresh vehicle, the insurance company will send you a check for whatever amount of money you had left on the policy that was not earned because you did not have the policy for the total term.

What is insurance carrier?

An insurance carrier is the company that holds and supports the policy that you purchase from them. It is the company that issues and upholds the risk associated with an insurance policy. There are many insurance carriers with broad rages of polices and coverages.

What is a auto insurance?

Auto insurance is a kind of insurance that helps you cover the costs resulting from a car accident or auto problem. Every state in the U.S. requires drivers to carry at least some auto insurance, albeit the exact amount varies by state. There are two basic kinds of auto insurance: insurance that covers very first party harm (which is harm to your car or injuries to people in your car) and insurance that covers third party harm (i.e., harm or injuries to another driver’s car or passengers, or any property you harm in an accident which doesn’t belong to you.) Most insurance policies contain both of these types of coverage.

What do you have to have for auto insurance?

What is required by law. Usually its liability you have to have. It varies by state how much your required to carry. Answer- You should have good credit score and financial stability ( working in a concern for a long time)

Can you get auto insurance with no auto?

Auto Insurance Without a Car? Yes, You can purchase “Non Owners Insurance” Coverage. Sometimes referred to as “Named Driver Coverage” Drive safe – Buckle Up

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another person’s car in the state of Florida?

The insurance will not stand if some one else was driving the car, in Florida.

How do you find a person’s auto insurance company?

You just ask the person the name of his insurance company. If you have a legitimate need to know, there is no reason for themnot to give it to you. If you have no legitimate claim, then theyneed not give you their insurance information.

How do i find a person’s insurance company?

If you were involved in an accident with this person then their insurance information will be listed on the accident report. If you were not involved in an accident then it is not your business who they have insurance with. Much of this is covered by the privacy laws so if you indeed have to know ask the person.

If you wreck someone else’s car and that person’s auto insurance covers the damages can the car holder still sue you for damages to their car after the accident?

Generally, if the vehicle is totalled as a result of the collision and the holder had collision coverage, the insurer will pay to the possessor the actual cash value of the vehicle as of the time of the loss. This usually equates to the value of a car of like kind and quality (including mileage, accessories and condition) as of the time of the collision. Because of its payment to its insured, the insurer becomes “subrogated” to the right of activity of its insured so that it can attempt to get its money back from you. You will have the same defenses against the insurer as you would have had against the other driver (for example, that the other driver was partially or entirely at fault for the collision). The subrogation activity that the insurer files often includes a claim for the insured’s deductible, but it may not. If it does, the insured cannot again make a claim for it; if it does not, the other driver can file suit against you for the deductible and other unreimbursed expenses that he/she may have incurred and that were proximately caused by the collision. Further, if the person is injured and if the injuries are of a type that permits him/her to file suit (usually defined in terms of seriousness), you can be sued for bodily injury damages. Your liability insurer has the obligation to defend you by providing an attorney at its expense and paying amounts for which you are found legally liable up to the boundaries available under the insurance policy. This is also true with regard to a property harm claim. If a judgment is entered against you and remains unpaid, there can be implications for your credit. Additionally, under the Financial Responsibility Law of many states, if a judgment from an auto collision remains unpaid for a stated period of time, your driver’s license and tags may be suspended until payment arrangements have been made. You may also be required to obtain and maintain a special form of high-risk liability insurance (sometimes referred to as an SR-22) for a period of time, but this depends upon State law.

Whose auto insurance will cover car harm if I driving another person’s car?

If the other driver is 100% at fault his will. If you are at fault both yours and the proprietor’s car insurance are potentially on the hook, yours for driving negligently, the holder’s for negligence in entrusting their vehicle to a negligent driver, among other things.

Does the auto insurance company notify of an accident if a person was driving under another person’s name who is paying for the insurance?

If what you are asking is whether the insurer notifies the insured that the person was driving under his/her name when a collision occurs, the issue will most likely not arise until a very first or a third-party claim is made. At that time, the insurer will investigate, and will need to know the identities of the parties involved. If the person who was driving was not listed on the application/policy as an authorized user of the car, coverage will most likely be denied. This is because a premium was not paid to insure that person. Premium is based upon various risk factors private to the person/people to be insured, and this person’s risk factors would not have been able to be considered by the insurer, and therefore, no premium calculated or paid.

Why did you choose insurance as a carrier?

Insurance is a service sector industry with broad range of products for the customers of different needs (fire risk,health risk,shipment risk,material loss risk,life risk etc) not only to cover risks but also added benefits an insurance policy may suggest.Insurance industry offers vast employment and career chance with future growth and a good choice in profession and employment.

How can you locate a person's auto insurance carrier?

Who’s auto insurance company will cover car harm if you hit a deer while driving another person’s car?

In the US the insurance goes after the vehicle, therefore the owners auto insurance will cover the harm as long as they have comprehensive (Other than collision) coverage. If they don’t have coverage it comes out of someone’s pocket. Another note is that insurance companies don’t like it when you loan your vehicle to people not listed on the policy as a driver.

How do you locate a State Farm Auto Insurance agent in your area?

You will need to get onto the State Farm auto insurance website. From there you will be able to come in your zipcode to find all State Farm auto insurance agents in your area.

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What auto insurance carrier uses policy numbers that begin with auto?

It’s very difficult to tell what company uses certain prefixes on their policy numbers. Many companies have numerous prefixes and some companies use the same as other companies. They also wary from state to state. If the insurance company name is not listed on accident report contact the policy officer and he may have it in his notes but not on the accident report. Otherwise embark calling agents in the area where the person lives.

Who regulates insurance carriers?

Each individual state’s department of insurance led by the corresponding insurance commissioner regulates the insurance carriers domiciled in that state. The NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) also assist in the regulation of insurance carriers.

Where is Erie Auto Insurance located?

“Erie Auto Insurance is an insurance company based out of Erie, PA, and they have several locations, all of which are in the Northeastern United states, for example: There is an office in Erie, PA. surrounding areas of pa. Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, and Fresh York.”

What is the role of an insurance carrier?

The term “insurance carrier” is equivalent to “insurance company” or “insurer”. It is an entity that engages in the business of issuing insurance policies to individuals, groups, or other entities. In comeback for the payment of money (a premium), it assumes a range of financial risks for the person or entity insured. The range and causes o fthe risks, and the amount of financial risk assumed, is specified in the written contract.

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another person’s car in Maine?

The driver’s insurance will take the lead, if something extra is needed, the person who wields the car’s insurance will be secondary. Both will be involved to some extent.

What branches of Allstate Auto Insurance are located in Florida?

There are literally hundreds of Allstate branches in Florida suggesting auto insurance. Offices can be found in most metropolitan locations including Orlando, Jacksonville and Ft. Lauderdale.

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another person’s car if Im driving on a suspended license?

No insurance company will cover you for driving whilst suspended. Any illegal activity will deem your policy null and void.

What are some things to keep in mind when looking for a fresh auto insurance carrier?

Reliability, moderate cost, broad coverage, and location. A local insurer may have a better deal than a nationwide insurer like Statefarm, so be sure to check,

Where is Vern Fonk Auto Insurance located?

Vern Fonk Auto Insurance is located in Seattle, Washington and operates across the Pacific Northwest. Vern Fonk was particularly known for his commercials and ads.

Where is Anderson Auto Insurance located?

Anderson Auto Insurance is located in Anderson, South Carolina. The company assists local Anderson citizens in finding the right insurance policy for them.

How can you locate a person's auto insurance carrier?

Where is the headquarters of AIS auto insurance located?

The headquarters of AIS auto insurance are located in Pasadena, California. They specialize in getting low auto insurance rates in the state of California.

Where is the headquarters for Summit Auto Insurance located?

The headquarters specifically for Summit Auto Insurance are located at 835 E Southern Ave #Two, Mesa, in United States, however the Summit General Insurance headquarters are located in 22860 Savi Ranch Pkwy, Yorba Linda, California.

Where can one find a listing of auto insurance carriers in the United States?

Listing of auto insurance carriers can be found in local yellow pages books. The yellow pages will have advertisement sections which will carry adverts from many insurance companies. Auto magazines will also have adverts from auto insurers.

Where is Valley Auto Insurance located?

Valley Auto Insurance is designed to help financially cover the cost of damages in the case of an accident. Valley Auto Insurance offers affordable coverage in Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

Where is West Coast Auto Insurance located?

West Coast Auto Insurance is located in Anaheim, California, United States. They are a business that provides their customers with auto insurance and can suggest quotes to the clients.

Where can one locate auto insurance with no credit check?

You can locate auto insurance with no credit check from various sites. Sites include All State, Kanetix, TD Insurance, Bel Air Direct, PC Insurance, Cars Direct and more.

What are some examples of insurance carriers?

There are many different insurance carriers available for anything from home insurance, car insurance, and even life insurance. Some examples of insurance carriers are Allstate, Geico, Progressive, and Farm Bureau Insurance.

What is an admitted insurance carrier?

The Insurance Companies have their admitted Ship Carriers whofulfills the various conditions specially sea worothiness of thevessel. In Marine policies, sometimes the Insurance Companiesstipulates that claims will only be entertained only if themerchandise was carried in their approvied ship carrier company.

What are the names of some auto carriers?

Some of the largest auto carriers, also known as car carriers, are United Road Services, FS Auto Carriers and OK Auto Carrier. Reviews of auto carrier companies can be found on the Transport Reviews website.

Where is Mercury Auto Insurance located?

Mercury Insurance is located in California. They also write auto insurance in Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Fresh Jersey and Fresh York.

Whose auto insurance will cover me if I am driving another person’s car with a improvised license?

Auto insurance goes after the vehicle so the policy that is covering the vehicle you are driving will provide the coverage.

How do you get appointed by a life insurance carrier?

In India, if you intend to become a Life Insurance Agent, you areto go through online training to be conducted by IRDA and to appearand pass the online exam and thereby qualify for life insuranceagency for a period of three years.

How do you create an insurance carrier?

Very first, you need to capitalize about $20,000,000.00Then you need to finance all the applications and forms and set upyour corporate structure. If your applications are approved, then you can commence marketingyour insurance product.

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